The association

IntroducciónAsociación de científicosAlicia Koplowitz Foundation

Constitution and Objectives

The Association was officially constituted on 10 September 2014 in Madrid with the main purpose of becoming a channel for maintaining the relationship between its members and the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation and the institutions the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation collaborates with.

It is a non-profit association whose primary mission is to further the development of science in the field of child and adolescent mental health and neuroscience, in addition to promoting the professional development of its members.

To this end, the Association will sponsor educational, scientific, clinical, cultural, vocational and occupational activities designed for personal and professional development, which may be of interest to members.

The Association is also keen to engage with likeminded associations and institutions.


The Association is formed by research fellows and other researchers and clinicians who have received research grants from the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation.

For the past 10 years, the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation has been engaged in the promotion of child and adolescent mental health, facilitating the specialisation of psychologists and psychiatrists in this field. In addition, it has backed progress in this area of research, and has contributed to the professional development of researchers in mental health and neuroscience in Spain.

In this regard, the Association is formed by:

...who, having completed their competitive examinations (MIR and PIR) and subsequent residencies, have undertaken a two-year specialist training placement at one of the five hospitals with the highest international reputation in this field, thanks to the advanced training fellowships in child and adolescent psychiatry or psychology funded by the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation.

...who, having received fellowships for short placements (6 months) in child and adolescent mental health and neuroscience funded by the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation, have undertaken placements as either clinicians or researchers at internationlly reputed specialist institutions.

...who, thanks to funding from the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation, have undertaken two-year projects at Spanish institutions on clinical or basic research in child and adolescent mental health and neuroscience.

...who have been involved in maintaining the scientific quality of the programmes sponsored by the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation in the area of child and adolescent mental health.