Communication Area

El grupo del trabajo del Área de Comunicación de la Asociación de Científicos en Salud Mental del Niño y el Adolescente-Fundación Alicia Koplowitz que se formó en marzo de 2016, está constituido por la Dra. Olga Santesteban (Coordinadora y Gestora de Redes Sociales), el Dr. Gonzalo Salazar (Gestor de la Página Web), el Dr. Victor Pereira y la Dr. María C. Guisasola (Vocal de la Junta Directiva).

Our main objective is the development, updating and dissemination of our website, social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and newsletter. We want to improve the internal communication between the partners and different areas of work.

Our web reflects the work done by its working groups (Scientific Area, Continuing Training Area and Clinical Area). In the private we can find information regarding our meetings, webinars and guides for future scholars, as well as access to courses and articles for members of the Association.

From the social networks we disseminate the latest scientific news, proposals for professional updating, training and employment offers. The dynamism and immediacy of the information shared in social networks makes this means of communication especially attractive. We have a consolidated network of followers that increases every day. Both partners, as well as the general public interested in this field, interact and benefit from the information shared daily in our pages. Finally, our area deals with the dissemination of a biannual summary of the most outstanding activities of the year through the newsletter that is sent to the members.

Each working group of the Association communicates directly with us through a person who acts as a link between their work area and the Communication Area (Working Group of the Scientific Area - Dra. Irene Esteban, Area Working Group) of Continuing Education - Alba Vilaplana, and Working Group of the Clinical Area and Development of Services - Dr. Dra. Marta Carulla). In addition, we would like the members, on a personal basis, to use the Communication Area as an intermediary tool to disseminate their own work (publications, seminars given, updates to the center to which they belong, etc.). As a result, it increases the visibility of your work and reaches a wider and more diverse audience.

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